Social Media and Privacy

How much privacy is too much? As a parent, it is your job to ensure your Tween or Teen (T &T) is using their social media appropriately. Since most of the social media feeds into their cell phone, it is wise to occasionally check their phones to see what they have been upto. It is also advised to follow them on social media. If they block you from their accounts, instagram, snapchat story, vimeo, blogger, periscope, blabb or any other; there is probably a reason!  If everything they are posting is appropriate, there is no reason you should not be able to follow them or see their stories.  If you are lost at all of the social media platforms available, use the link below to better acquaint yourself with social media platforms.  No more should you give your 16 year old keys to the car and not know where they are going then should you give them a phone and not know what they are doing! Establish guidelines and parameters for their use just like you would for a

Remember to be fair and respectful of their space. You are not checking their business to engage yourself in their social lives. You are checking to ensure they are posting appropriate material and that they are not eliciting friendships with people they do not know.  If your child is an athlete or scholar, remind them that social media stays with them forever.  Even the dreaded snapchat that quickly disappears, can be screenshot and saved.

Social Media Platforms


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