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Did I pick the right high school for my child?

Many school districts do not allow parent choice of schools. Rather students are assigned via a district program. If you are fortunate enough to have options, one of the best ways to determine if a school is right for your child is to create an academic profile for your child. Below are just a few questions you may want to include in the profile: Does the child need special courses or services such as AP, gifted, honors or developmental courses? What type of extracurricular activities does the school have? What academic areas does my child excel in and what does the school offer in relation to those areas (i.e. clubs, activities, scholars programs, etc)? Do they offer transportation to and from school? Do they have a strong guidance department so that my child learns how to prepare for college?  What is the school grade or how is it evaluated by the state in comparison to other schools in your area? Has the school received any recognition for academics or sports?