Parenting Professional Development

We take so much time preparing ourselves to birth our children from lamaze to setting up a nursery. For those that didn’t have the means for a nursery even the crib and learning how to put the car seat in right took time, planning and learning.  Child rearing books are abundantly read at the early and toddler years.

Why is it that we don’t take time to prepare ourselves for teenagers? I would venture to say they can definitely be more challenging than an infant at times.  Even the worst collicky baby can look like a walk in the park compared to trying to rationalize with a spirited teen. Ask A Mom has created innovative and dynamic workshops and seminars to help parents of all walks of life prepare and navigate the Tween and Teen (T &T) years.  Couples are encouraged to attend together – yes, even divorced couples! To find out more about classes offered in your area, check our calendar or contact us at!

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Virtual Professional Development

We understand all parents are busy! We also know the importance of feeling connected to parents encountering the same issues you are having. The self dialogue of parenting can be overwhelming at times: Am I making the right decisions? Should I be letting them do more or less at this age? Do they need a curfew and if so what is appropriate? Should I let them ride in the car with their friends?

There are so many questions we ask ourselves as we learn to navigate parenting and while no one stock answer fits every situation, knowing you are not alone and hearing from our experts can guide you to make the right choices for you and your child. Our on-line professional development engages you in fun and exciting courses designed to help you be the best parent you can be!

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Research and Practical Advice

Parenting Tweens and Teens (T & T) provides many exciting and rewarding experiences. It also provides great challenges and new and unchartered territory for first time parents. Ask A Mom is designed to offer parents and family members professional development experiences, contemporary research and practical advice. Follow our weekly blog and stay up to date with our guest authors. Each month we will host a guest that offers a different perspective on T & T issues. These authors include Principals or Assistant Principals, Adolescent Psychologist, Teachers and various other experts to help parents navigate these exciting times. Be sure to follow our blog and connect with us on social media.Learn More